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Watchful raven


I really wonder about the daily life of ravens. How do they survive in the -30 temperatures? How do their stomachs process frozen food, and their feet withstand perching on ice?

Amazing birds.


Ospreys on a high tower

Spotted today outside Inuvik near the airport: Two birds were making large circles and building a nest atop a high tower.

The birds were carrying sticks in their talons.

I believe the birds are Ospreys, but they could also be golden eagles.

Spotted: Three birds looking around

Surveying the landscape in beautiful weather.

Spotted: Yellow Warbler

This lovely bird is a Yellow Warbler. The Field Guide to Birds of the Mackenzie Delta says this one is a male, a common species throughout the region in summer.

It’s known as “Dzhii tsoo” or “Tsilch’oo” in Gwich’in language.

It can also be called “Pikka Pikani Signiq” in Inuvialuit says the book.

A fun detail from the bird guide: The call is quoted as sounding like this: “sweet, sweet, I’m so sweet

Ptarmigan on the side of the Dempster Highway

Here’s a ptarmigan walking along the Dempster Highway. The birds are now thinning out after the winter and losing their thicker feathers.

Grouse in a tree: Very round birds

These very plump birds were spotted on the Boot Lake Trails. Five of them were perched on a tree, their large size making it seem as though the thin branches would break.

These birds are about as big as a football. They flew away when I got too close.

I believe they are a species of grouse.

Inquisitive grey bird at the campgrounds

These little fellows are commonly called Whiskeyjacks.

They’re quick to approach your picnic and take a little piece.