Photo books

This page holds my photo books. They are hosted online through a website called While the blog is chronological, these books let you browse by topic.

They also offer a look at other NWT communities besides Inuvik.

Click on the cover to read the book. The Inuvik book is obviously the larger book, but I have also created albums from short trips to Tsiigehcthic, Tuktoyaktuk and Yellowknife.

white cover 2



yk_book cover


7 responses to “Photo books

  1. Hi Phil,
    When is the book available?
    How much is the book selling for?
    Is it only sold in Inuvik?

    I must add, that you did a really good job taking all those pics of Inuvik and surrounding area.

  2. I would certainly love to get a copy of this book. Although I left Inuvik over 15 years ago, it will always be my home.

  3. Love your pictures. So glad to see you have them up in album form!

  4. I would like to know about that book as well

  5. I have to say before my move to Inuvik I was nervous and very uneducated but your blog really helped me and for that I thank you 🙂
    13 days in and I love this town 😀

  6. Hi there!
    I am going to Inuvik for 6 weeks in July. Your girlfriend recommended your blog to me : ) What a great site! Very nice pics you got there, and some great info to boot!

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