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Road scenery on the way to Inuvik’s airport

Click on this photo to make it bigger. You get the sense of the immense scale and solitude you see on NWT roads.


Rugged treads

I bet this ATV can go almost anywhere.

Dusty roads

Now is the time of year where the roads are dry, and cars lift clouds of dust as they drive.

Very nice greenery this time of year.

Inuvik welcomes the summer: Main street

Summertime has arrived suddenly, with temperatures at 15 degrees celcius today.

As a result we see: Someone taking a child for a motorbike ride; a happy dog dripping like a wet mop; A family walking around with even the baby wearing sunglasses.

Trip to Paulatuk, part 1: A little community by the ocean

Paulatuk has about 400 people and is located on the shore of the now-frozen Beaufort Sea.

Local activities include hunting for caribou and fish species like arctic char.

Notice this above photo: That’s a polar bear pelt left to dry!

Enjoy a few scenes of this little community:

Tuktoyaktuk on a sunny afternoon, part 3

Tuktoyaktuk is a community of about 900 people which can be reached by ice road a few months of the year.

As you can see from the last picture, someone there has a St.Bernard.

Many of the buildings are getting quite old.

Tuktoyaktuk on a sunny afternoon: Part 1

Here’s a truck maintaining the ice road on the way to Tuktoyaktuk.