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Blogroll: Check out this excellent blog from Yellowknife

I’d like to point out Tandi Wilkinson’s blog from the NWT’s capital of Yellowknife.

In many ways people in “old town” and houseboats live more closely to the land than people in Inuvik. Things like crossing lake ice are not part of daily life for most people here.

Worth a look for sure.


Blue sunset

Sunsets are getting earlier…this photo was taken around 6pm on the bike ride home from work. Yes it is colder, but one type of beauty is replaced with another.

Yes, you can bring your cat to Inuvik

You don’t see a lot of cats outdoors. This is because of the dog population and the temperature.

However, some people have cats. Flying them to Inuvik is apparently possible with airlines.

There are feral cats that live in the utilidors, but a few owners sometimes let their indoor cats venture outside for brief moments.

Aurora College Graduation 2012: A big class

Inuvik’s campus of Aurora College offers different courses including office administration, Personal Support Worker, Nursing Access, Trades Access, and more.

Check out the full list here. 

This year’s graduation had a record 42 graduates.

Tuktoyaktuk, part 5: Father’s House and the St.Vincent-de-Paul

This is Tuktoyaktuk’s ”St.Vincent de Paul” community store, which allows people to donate and salvage items. It’s also a cozy place for people to take shelter from the cold.

The churches in Tuktoyaktuk and especially the Catholic Church with resident sister Faye Trombley are very active in Tuktoyaktuk.

Here is Sister Faye (left) plucking geese with a girl from the community, on the front steps of the Catholic building called Father’s House.

The rolling channel

Inuvik has a television channel which is nothing but a Powerpoint presentation. It loops 24 hours a day and allows for advertising of town events, jobs, notices, happy birthday messages, etc.

It’s an extremely useful service, which people call ”the rolling channel.”

After the house fire: Frozen and burned

The day after the house fire, the house was covered in icicles: This is the water pumped by firefighters.

No heat left here.