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Snowsuit on display in Tuktoyaktuk

This display case at Mangilaluk school shows what a child would have worn in the traditional Inuviauit tradition.

Surely this coat would be more than warm enough for the arctic winters. Notice the fishing spear to the left.


Tuktoyaktuk, part 5: Father’s House and the St.Vincent-de-Paul

This is Tuktoyaktuk’s ”St.Vincent de Paul” community store, which allows people to donate and salvage items. It’s also a cozy place for people to take shelter from the cold.

The churches in Tuktoyaktuk and especially the Catholic Church with resident sister Faye Trombley are very active in Tuktoyaktuk.

Here is Sister Faye (left) plucking geese with a girl from the community, on the front steps of the Catholic building called Father’s House.

Tuktoyaktuk on a sunny afternoon part 4

Here’s the bay in Tuktoyaktuk which is the beginning of the ice road. In the distane are a pingo and the beginnings of a tee-pee shape.

Tuktoyaktuk on a sunny afternoon, part 3

Tuktoyaktuk is a community of about 900 people which can be reached by ice road a few months of the year.

As you can see from the last picture, someone there has a St.Bernard.

Many of the buildings are getting quite old.

Tuktoyaktuk on a sunny afternoon: Part 2

Driving to Tuktyaktuk, the sun is diffused by ”ice fog.”

A pingo can be seen in the first picture.

“Arctic Challenge” ice road ultra-marathon raises almost $20,000 for homeless shelter

Third photo courtesy Merven Gruben: Ultra-marathon runner Alicja Barahona ran 370 km from Inuvik to Tuk and back in under a week.

Local runners took a bus and ran alongside her, for the last 30km of her journey.

The fundraiser — which took place at -30 —- gathered almost $20,000 for the Inuvik Homeless Shelter.

Don’t make your jamboree last 30 days…

Just a reminder to everyone: Tuktoyaktuk has a jamboree coming up this weekend, and the hamlet has decreed it will be a family event with no alcohol.

Pretty serious fines here, so be advised!