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Bicycle tourism in Inuvik: The long way up!

A few travelers a year come up the Dempster Highway.

I met this fellow in town this week. He had cycled more than 3000km from Victoria, BC.

He had been camping and cycling for more than a month!

One company called Cycle Canada Bicycle Tours offers a similar journey as a guided tour, have a look.


Sunrise Festival 2012: Fireworks at 30 below in Inuvik

Every year the community hosts a short celebration to mark the return of the sun. Tonight temperatures were around -30 c.

People held a large fire near the golf course and watch fireworks while sipping hot chocolate. This year was a big show with fireworks sending loud cracks echoing across the golf course.

Some people drove to Inuvik from Tuktoyaktuk for the occasion by means of the ice road.

From Ottawa to Inuvik in a canoe: It is possible!

Seven thousand kilometres, five-and-a-half months of paddling and they arrived!

Great Northern Arts Festival 2011: Spectacular features a gallery of the Great Northern Arts Festival. This year’s event was spectacular: More than 70 artists visited. 

See the full gallery by clicking here.

Happy Aboriginal Day 2011

Good news! I thought I had lost these photos of Aboriginal Day in late June.

The annual BBQ and games day is always a highlight of living in Inuvik.

By the way, this summer has been remarkably mosquito-free.

Muskrat Jamboree: Fun on the Mackenzie River

Here are some outdoor photos from the Muskrat Jamboree. It’s a wonderful time of year, which features games such as:

-Tea boiling contest: (Fastest to build a fire and make tea)
-Log sawing
-Foot races
-Nail driving contest (Who’s the fastest carpenter?)

Welcome to Inuvik: If you look to your right, you’ll see the Igloo Church…

Upon a recent visit to Inuvik by the Nathaniel Dette Chorale, the singing group was introduced to the town by former mayor Peter Clarkson, who now works with the territorial government.

He explained about 24-hour sunlight, local oil and gas development, the pipeline and the temperatures, as the musicians (from Toronto) got a ride into town.