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Full moon over the “moon base”



moon116A very bright full moon was visible this week. Here it is shown illuminating the New North Networks dome building which is a store, adapted from an old “dewline” radar system. The place looks like something in science-fiction.


Construction in town: New metal tower

Some kind of new structure is being built in town.

Is it a reception tower? I don’t know.

Old phone booth: No one calling anymore

Inuvik has cell-phone service and even *3g* service for iphones and blackberries.

Therefore, these jellystone park telephone booths are abandoned near the tourism centre.

The rolling channel

Inuvik has a television channel which is nothing but a Powerpoint presentation. It loops 24 hours a day and allows for advertising of town events, jobs, notices, happy birthday messages, etc.

It’s an extremely useful service, which people call ”the rolling channel.”

CBC radio item: Digital translators being used in schools

Schools in the western arctic are using these devices called Phraselators. They’re portable translators which allow the recording and playback of language.

The CBC show Spark has put a link to my item about phraselators. Click below and then scroll down to hear it.