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Peregrine Falcon: An amazing bird

This majestic bird is a peregrine falcon; a predator which is common in the NWT.

In this case two birds were screeching and flying loops. I suspect our group of travellers had approached its nest. The bird did its best to scare us away. (The display did allow for a quick round of pictures)

Magnificent birds, those predators!


Birds: Young Canada Geese

Spotted during a recent river trip: Some Canada Geese which seem to be in an awkward teenage phase of losing feathers.

Fishing trip: walking along a river

A bear’s paw print.

The NWT offers spectacular locations for fishing. Sometimes you have to walk and even swim to reach the best locations.

A few more views from the greenhouse: Season wrapping up

We’ve got cucumbers coming in, as well as tomatoes. The Inuvik Community greenhouse is doing very well this year.

Ospreys on a high tower

Spotted today outside Inuvik near the airport: Two birds were making large circles and building a nest atop a high tower.

The birds were carrying sticks in their talons.

I believe the birds are Ospreys, but they could also be golden eagles.

Airshow in Inuvik: Royal Canadian Air Force visits

The Canadian Forces are a big presence in Inuvik this summer. A training and mobilization operation called Nanook could bring 600 people near the community by August.

About 100 military vehicles are expected to drive up the Dempster Highway. The military also announced its presence on July 17 with an air show.

It featured a Sea King helicopter, A Cf-18 Hornet jet and the Snowbirds, Canada’s famous precision-flying team.

Midnight Sun Fun Run 2012: Farrell Pope’s inspiring 5k run

During the 5k run (happening under the midnight sun, around 11pm) one runner displayed amazing dedication. Farrell Pope, high school student in Inuvik, completed the run despite a broken leg.

It was the highlight of the year. Pure, positive-thinking sportsmanship.