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Visit to Aklavik, part 1: Quiet community these days

Aklavik is a small hamlet near Inuvik. It can be accessed by boat and plane for most of the year. However there is an ice road from December to April.

The hamlet has an official population of about 600 people, but it could very well be lower. The community has few wage-paying jobs outside of local government but is well situated for hunting, trapping and fishing.

Click here to read the Wikipedia page which is quite informative. 


Grocery bills: This Saturday in Inuvik: Total is $115.01

Inuvik now enjoys road access . I must note, the quality of the produce is excellent.

Here is my grocery bill showing today’s haul: Carried home in a backpack and two bags.

Everything was fresh, unless speficied as frozen.

Fresh blueberries (312 grams): $6.29
Apples, Gala (two of them) $1.96
Apples, Red Delicious (two of them): $2.25
Apples, Grenny Smith (two of them): $2.70
Apricots (four of them): $3.57
Tomatoes (four nice ones, on a vine): $4.28
Tomatoes (smaller Roma tomatoes, small bag) $1.97

Broccolli: $3.99
Bell peppers (pack of three): $5.99
English cucumber: $3.29

Local meat:
Muskox (From Sachs Harbour,is $12.99 a kilogram for ground): $11.94
Muskox striploin: $6.38

Orange juice concentrate (one can of real stuff): $3.23
Orange juice concentrate (one can, fruit punch): $2.19
Cooked shrimp (medium bag of shrimp): $8.29
Fruit popsicles: (bag): $3.16
Frozen berries variety, 600g: $7.39

Rye crackers: (box at far right in picture) $3.99
Kraft salad dressing (2 bottles): $3.46 each
Sliced almonds: $2.28
Burrito kit (includes wraps, sauce, etc.) $7.04
Two-litre container of four bean salad: $13.98

Here is a link to a similar post from November.

Message board at the post office

If you have a message, you want to leave it where people will read it.

The post office, or “the town’s Facebook wall”

Grocery shopping: Stanton’s grocery store

Stanton’s is one of Inuvik’s three grocery stores. They carry produce, dry foods, cans and bread which they sell frozen.

It’s an excellent store which is geared a little more towards large orders. Most people bring their cars and stock up on boxes of food.

The ice crossings which intercut the Dempster Highway recently opened, which means we have more fresh food coming in.