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Stormy weather: Rain is rare in Inuvik

The western arctic is somewhat of a desert region. There isn’t a lot of precipitation; only a few inches a year.

Most of the time it falls as snow. (About 10 inches average per winter). However,  on rare occasions there is rain.


Inuvik welcomes the summer: Melting snow

Water flows after eight months of snow.

Inuvik welcomes the summer: Open water

It’s 15 degrees above freezing today, which means the East channel of the Mackenzie River is starting to open.

Every year the ice on the river moves suddenly. It melts and loosens for a while before a chain reaction begins to push ice down the river.

People in Inuvik have betting pools. When will the ice clear from the river completely?

Today is appears that the ice is not moving. However, it won’t be long.

Spring runoff: Bring your rubber boots!

May weather is starting to bring temperatures above freezing.

This means a lot of melting. Since Invuik has no underground sewers, it means a few days of watery runoff. Houses are on pilings and it doesn’t cause any damage.

It does create puddles around town. Rubber boots are equipped so it’s not a problem.

The Mackenzie River, melting…

It won’t be long now until the river clears out. Bring on the summer!

Last drive on the ice road to Aklavik: Thursday May 12!

The ice road to Aklavik broke all records this year. It lasted until May 12!

These photos were taken around 10pm; the road was closed the very next day.

Spring is getting to Inuvik slowly

Around this time of year (mid-April) you can start to see snow melting over the streets.

That means a few sparks from snowmobiles as they cross from side to side.