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Night riders

Snowmobiles are a common way of transport. During the time of the year when there is snow (October to April) you can see people riding them on Inuvik streets.

You are allowed to ride a snowmobile on small streets, but not the major ones.

One problem however are quick-driving, daredevil young people who whip around corners, go into traffic, and rev their engines late at night.


Tuktoyaktuk on a sunny afternoon, part 3

Tuktoyaktuk is a community of about 900 people which can be reached by ice road a few months of the year.

As you can see from the last picture, someone there has a St.Bernard.

Many of the buildings are getting quite old.

Spring is getting to Inuvik slowly

Around this time of year (mid-April) you can start to see snow melting over the streets.

That means a few sparks from snowmobiles as they cross from side to side.

Watching the snowmobile races

Here’s one last shot from the jamboree: Fans watching the snowmobiles at high speeds on the frozen Mackenzie River and Boot Lake.