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Squirrel fattening up for the winter

Spotted on the boot lake trails. The weather is starting to get cold (around 3 degrees these days) and so animals are busy getting ready for hibernation.

This squirrel was busy gathering and eating bits off pine trees.


Spotted: Arctic hare, caught mid-meal

This arctic hare was eating leaves. Summer salad.

Spotted: Summer hares crossing the street

Hares are always nervous, but it is possible to get close if you don’t make too much noise.

During the summer they turn grey and enjoy a lot of cover from the leaves. These two were crossing the road about 10km outside of Inuvik near the airport.

Back from vacations! Here’s a fox in the tall grass

I am back from vacations in Ottawa. Today while cycling in town I saw a fox. He was too quick to catch in a good photo.

As you can see, the fox’s camouflage is especially useful this time of year, when leaves are a mix of yellow, orange and brown.

A muskrat keeps busy near the East Channel

Here is a muskrast, (edit: first said it was a beaver, thanks readers!) swimming around near the East Channel of the Mackenzie River.

Squirrel in the spring time

Squirrels are starting to busy themselves with tasks in the spring; the obsessive gathering of every food source and the avoidance of predators.

This little guy was spotted in the branches of a pine tree, around Boot Lake.