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Beautiful snowy day around the lake.

Aaaah I love this time of year. Bring a thermos with a hot beverage and go walking.


Winter begins, and so return the northern lights

Darkness means the return of northern lights. Tonight there were bright shimmering green ribbons over the Happy Valley Campground. (The campground is unused in winter.)

Walk around the ski trails in summer

Beautiful weather these days.

Beautiful sunrise at 1pm on the Dempster Highway

This time of year there is a beautiful pink hue to the sky during long sunrises. Some friends and I took a car to Tsiigehtchic on the weekend for some sightseeing.

The sun was still very orange around 1:30pm…and it was dark by 4:30.

Halloween lights in Inuvik

Northern lights were bright on Halloween. The temperature was about 20 degrees celcius below freezing, and they appeared around 9pm.

When the northern lights appear, it’s a good idea to walk outside of town to get away from the town’s lights. Stars appear and the sky becomes much clearer when you get away from this “light pollution.”

Idea: Would the north be a good place for a telescope?

Picture yourself here: The lookout point outside Inuvik

There is a lookout point alongside the Dempster Highway as you arrive in Inuvik.

It offers a beautiful cliffside view of a lake, with pine trees growing seemingly out of rock.

Don’t miss it!

Dempster Highway scenery in summer