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Lobster Dinner at the Legion

These photos are from Mother’s Day. It’s been a few years now that the Francophone association order a special delivery of live lobsters from Eastern Canada.

The lobsters are cooked at the Royal Canadian Legion, and it’s become a fun annual tradition in Inuvik.


Haggis in Inuvik: Robert Burns night at the Legion

Tonight at the Legion Hall was Robert Burns night — a tribute to the famous Scottish bard.

The Legion’s volunteers had a very special list of ingredients sent by plane to Inuvik — including the material for haggis: the heart, lungs and liver of a sheep cooked with oatmeal and boiled in its own stomach.

It was delicious.

Robert Burns night is equal parts serious tradition and silliness. After all, the main course is brought in with a near-military reverence and a bagpipe escort.