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The Storm Hunter in Invuik: Mark Robinson

How’s this for a cool job: Mark Robinson hosts a show on the Weather Network and travels across Canada and the U.S. looking for extreme weather.

Mark and his teammate recently stopped in Inuvik to gather material for his series. The on-camera challenges included sleeping in a car at Eagle Plains to test how a candle can keep a person warm overnight.

Here’s his website. If only he had been in town for the recent blizzard with 100km-winds!


Picture yourself here: The lookout point outside Inuvik

There is a lookout point alongside the Dempster Highway as you arrive in Inuvik.

It offers a beautiful cliffside view of a lake, with pine trees growing seemingly out of rock.

Don’t miss it!

How to stay comfortable in a blizzard

Wool face mask, fur hat, ski goggles, down parka, wool sweater, beaver-fur mittens, long underwear, turtleneck, wool socks, another pair of wool socks…