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Food Bank reopens after vandalism: Good news for families in need

Inuvik’s Food Bank was recently closed for six weeks. This is because of vandalism and repeated break-ins.

Nevertheless, the volunteers cleaned up the mess and pledged to reopen. Ashley Lennie in the community organized a food drive and you see the results here (with volunteer Margaret Miller, above)

A company in Yellowknife, Danmax, donated security cameras.

The food bank is also in the process of being reinforced.

Of course, there is still room for donations.

Because of the high demand, the food bank is only open two hours a week.

Clients can only visit every second week and there are strict limits on the maximum allowed amount of food. (Roughly one bag per person, with exceptions of up to three extra bags  for large families.)


Inuvik’s new youth centre

Here’s the new director of Inuvik’s Youth Centre, Sam Stokell, in the new centre. It’s starting to open on Friday evenings for kareoke, games, cooking lessons, etc.

The place looks great with the bright yellow paint, computers, music studio, etc!

The youth centre used to be in another building, but has since reopened in a new location.

Firefighters’ car wash

Inuvik’s firefighters often fundraise for good causes. One recent Saturday they were washing cars and selling BBQ outside the fire hall. They were nice enough to wash my bicycle.

The rolling channel

Inuvik has a television channel which is nothing but a Powerpoint presentation. It loops 24 hours a day and allows for advertising of town events, jobs, notices, happy birthday messages, etc.

It’s an extremely useful service, which people call ”the rolling channel.”

Friendly faces at the youth centre





Here are some recent leftover photos intended for the local youth newspaper. (Named “The Bomber Pages” after local slang) I lent my camera and kids had fun using the fish-eye lens.

The youth centre is an invaluable service in town, because it lets kids go somewhere when it’s cold outside.

It also provides services like guitar lessons, earring-making workshops, drawing classes, etc.

Their website is featured in the sidebar to your right.