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Christmas concert at the Igloo Church

_DSC0261_1024x768 _DSC0266_1024x768 _DSC0273_1024x768 _DSC0276_1024x768 _DSC0278_1024x768 _DSC0281_1024x768Every year Inuvik’s largest church hosts a Christmas concert. This year’s event featured four lanuages: English, Gwich’in, Inuvialuktun and also the Filipino Choir.

Many proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, classmates, neighbours, co-workers, here. This type of event really makes a person feel like a welcome member of a community.


RCMP officer joins the Inuvialuit Drum Dance in Aklavik

Here’s officer Mike Peters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who is stationed in Aklavik. During a celebration and Inuvialuit Drum Dance, he revealed he’s been spending some time with the dancers.

Officer Peters performed a short dance to uproars of laughter and applause. He knew the moves!

The Drummers and Dancers’ routines tell stories. For instance one dance is about seagulls pestering seals on a beach. Another goes through the motions of gathering, chopping, and stacking firewood.

‘Jigging’ classes at Ingamo Hall friendship centre

Country fiddle “square dancing” is popular here and it’s called “jigging” locally.

Ingamo Hall offers a dance class for young people after school.

Happy Aboriginal Day 2011

Good news! I thought I had lost these photos of Aboriginal Day in late June.

The annual BBQ and games day is always a highlight of living in Inuvik.

By the way, this summer has been remarkably mosquito-free.