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Midnight Sun Fun Run 2012: Farrell Pope’s inspiring 5k run

During the 5k run (happening under the midnight sun, around 11pm) one runner displayed amazing dedication. Farrell Pope, high school student in Inuvik, completed the run despite a broken leg.

It was the highlight of the year. Pure, positive-thinking sportsmanship.


Midnight Sun Fun Run 2012, part 1

The Midnight Sun Run happened a few weeks ago at the end of June.

Runners can complete a 5k, 10k and 21k (half-marathon) starting at 10pm. The run happens at the peak of 24-hour sunlight.

Midnight watch: Bright and sunny here

Here’s the midnight sun, at the exact second of midnight. The photo is a little overexposed, but you get the idea. Summer is bright here!

Inuvik at midnight: We’re getting 24-hour illumination

Walking around at 12:30am last night, unable to sleep.

Looking around at a very illuminated Inuvik, and realizing: 24-hour sunlight is now here.