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Inuvik firefighters’ ball 2011: Now here’s a side of Inuvik you might not expect!

Inuvik’s fire department is staffed by volunteers. About 30 people are part of the agency, which has some great camaraderie. Most of the volunteers don’t have jobs in emergency services; they can be called from their jobs or beds at any time when a fire happens.

The Firefighters’ Ball is Inuvik’s way of saying thanks. Every year the department throws a bash. There’s a Rookie of the Year Award as well as the Boner of the Year Award for the biggest on-the-job mistake.

The firefighters also recognize a firefighter of the year. The ball has a theme and this year it was “Outer Space.”

As you can see, pop-culture is everywhere. We have common heroes, villains, characters, icons and people love to dress for an occasion!


Watching the snowmobile races

Here’s one last shot from the jamboree: Fans watching the snowmobiles at high speeds on the frozen Mackenzie River and Boot Lake.

Muskrat Jamboree: Fun on the Mackenzie River

Here are some outdoor photos from the Muskrat Jamboree. It’s a wonderful time of year, which features games such as:

-Tea boiling contest: (Fastest to build a fire and make tea)
-Log sawing
-Foot races
-Nail driving contest (Who’s the fastest carpenter?)

Muskrat Jamboree 2011: Best weekend of the year

Pictured above: Fun and games at a community feast, featuring the Inuvik Drummers and Dancers.

Last photo is beluga whale Muktuk which is served with BBQ sauce.

Don’t make your jamboree last 30 days…

Just a reminder to everyone: Tuktoyaktuk has a jamboree coming up this weekend, and the hamlet has decreed it will be a family event with no alcohol.

Pretty serious fines here, so be advised!