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A few more views from the greenhouse: Season wrapping up

We’ve got cucumbers coming in, as well as tomatoes. The Inuvik Community greenhouse is doing very well this year.


Greenhouse plot: things are looking good

Carrots and peas today at the greenhouse.

It’s not a substitute for store-bought food, but a heathy snack or salad.

Open doors at the Greenhouse

When the weather is nice enough, the Greenhouse can open its doors.

The breezy weather these days is around 20c and higher with bright sunshine.

Inuvik’s community greenhouse: Growing in 24-hour sun

It was above 30 celcius inside Inuvik’s community greenhouse today. Community members’ garden plots are doing very well under 24-hour sunlight.

The arctic has a very short but productive growing season.

Greenhouse at night

Here is the Greenhouse, at a time of the year when nothing is happening.

We now have only a few hours’ worth of sunlight per day.