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Construction begins on new daycare: Steel columns

Construction has begun on the Children First Society’s large new daycare. This facility is expected to cost about $5 million.

There is some fundraising left to do, but workers are already installing the steel columns which will support the building. This is accomplished by means of a large drill.

Permafrost means that Inuvik’s soil is always frozen. In summer it might get soft and loose, but you’re never more than four feet away from ice.


Inuvik welcomes the summer: Melting snow

Water flows after eight months of snow.

Mario pipes: The utilidors

Here’s a section of the town’s utilidors, which looks like a big red bolt.

The utilidors need a lot of repair in some parts, they are getting old…

Behold! The mystery is revealed: What’s inside a utilidor

It turns out, utilidors are filled with blue insulation, so that water can flow without freezing up.

Another day begins at Sir Alexander Mackenzie School

Seen here: Two young students walk to class on top of a raised metal structure called a utilidor. (The ground is frozen, therefore it would be too costly and complicated to bury things like sewage and water lines.)