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Tuktoyaktuk on a sunny afternoon part 4

Here’s the bay in Tuktoyaktuk which is the beginning of the ice road. In the distane are a pingo and the beginnings of a tee-pee shape.


Tuktoyaktuk on a sunny afternoon: Part 2

Driving to Tuktyaktuk, the sun is diffused by ”ice fog.”

A pingo can be seen in the first picture.

Tuktoyaktuk on a sunny afternoon: Part 1

Here’s a truck maintaining the ice road on the way to Tuktoyaktuk.

Making the ice road: Outside Tsiigehtchic

Making an ice road sometimes means flooding with water. You add a few inches. wait for it to freeze, and then repeat later.

Here, a crew outside Tsiigehtchic uses a water sprayer across the frozen Mackenzie and Arctic Red rivers, to solidify the ice crossing for the winter season.

Last drive on the ice road to Aklavik: Thursday May 12!

The ice road to Aklavik broke all records this year. It lasted until May 12!

These photos were taken around 10pm; the road was closed the very next day.

“Arctic Challenge” ice road ultra-marathon raises almost $20,000 for homeless shelter

Third photo courtesy Merven Gruben: Ultra-marathon runner Alicja Barahona ran 370 km from Inuvik to Tuk and back in under a week.

Local runners took a bus and ran alongside her, for the last 30km of her journey.

The fundraiser — which took place at -30 —- gathered almost $20,000 for the Inuvik Homeless Shelter.

Inuvik’s jogging club: Ice road runners!

These photos were taken today by running coach Cynthia J. Wicks (at bottom right). As you can see, Inuvik has an outdoor jogging club which continues year-round. It’s probably the northernmost chapter of the Running Room group which has sessions across Canada twice a week.

Saturday mornings are reserved for long, slow-paced distance runs. Today instead of jogging around town, we ran at a slow pace for 12 kilometres on the ice road, going towards Tuktoyaktuk and then turning back.

The method is ten minutes of running, then one minute of walking to cool down.

It’s an exhilarating experience to run outdoors in the winter, because your hair and eyelashes can freeze up. Still, your body produces a lot of heat so it’s not uncomfortable.

Many people (myself included!) are building up to this summer’s Midnight Sun Fun Run half-marathon.