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Community notices in Aklavik

You can learn a lot from community notices posted in small communities.

Here we see efforts to preserve caribou, asking people to abide by the voluntary hunting restrictions and requesting they shoot males only. There are notices to remind people that wasting meat is illegal in the NWT, and asking them to “let the leaders pass,” meaning not to create chaos by shooting the dominant males.

There’s also a project which is tracking salmon — that’s right, salmon have been spotted in the Mackenzie River, far from their usual habitat. Some see this unusual distribution as a sign of climate change.

We also see voluntary agreements for quotas of Arctic Char, another species which threatens to be in serious decline if overfished.


Fishing trip: walking along a river

A bear’s paw print.

The NWT offers spectacular locations for fishing. Sometimes you have to walk and even swim to reach the best locations.

Caribou management public notice

Caribou herds management is one of the biggest issues in the NWT. This poster was installed at the Greenhouse.

Trip to Paulatuk, part 1: A little community by the ocean

Paulatuk has about 400 people and is located on the shore of the now-frozen Beaufort Sea.

Local activities include hunting for caribou and fish species like arctic char.

Notice this above photo: That’s a polar bear pelt left to dry!

Enjoy a few scenes of this little community:

Velveted antlers: Caribou heads

Two young hunters were returning to Inuvik alongside the Dempster Highway. Their prize: Three full-size caribou with massive antlers.

Caribou are a staple food around these parts, and while there are rules about harvesting, the hunt continues to supply many families.