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Farewell to the old schools, part 2

A few scenes from the closing ceremonies of Samuel Hearne and Sir Alexander Mackenzie School, which are making room for the new school next year.


Snowsuit on display in Tuktoyaktuk

This display case at Mangilaluk school shows what a child would have worn in the traditional Inuviauit tradition.

Surely this coat would be more than warm enough for the arctic winters. Notice the fishing spear to the left.

Building a traditional Qayaq: Light and flexible

Here are a few favourite pictures from this year’s Great Northern Arts Festival: Kevin Floyd of the Inuvik Qaqaq club is shown building a traditional boat frame, made from green wood.

Usually such a boat would be covered with watertight seal-skin, but this year they were covered with a polymer. The boats are light and you can lift them with one hand.

Also shown is the inspiration for the boat: An archive photo from 1903.

Stories from the elders (GREAT link)

This is an important link. Click to hear stories of elders from across the Northwest territories.

If you want to find out about real life in the NWT, this is your best place to start! A wonderful project and I am glad to have discovered it.