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Food Bank reopens after vandalism: Good news for families in need

Inuvik’s Food Bank was recently closed for six weeks. This is because of vandalism and repeated break-ins.

Nevertheless, the volunteers cleaned up the mess and pledged to reopen. Ashley Lennie in the community organized a food drive and you see the results here (with volunteer Margaret Miller, above)

A company in Yellowknife, Danmax, donated security cameras.

The food bank is also in the process of being reinforced.

Of course, there is still room for donations.

Because of the high demand, the food bank is only open two hours a week.

Clients can only visit every second week and there are strict limits on the maximum allowed amount of food. (Roughly one bag per person, with exceptions of up to three extra bags  for large families.)


Grocery bills: This Saturday in Inuvik: Total is $115.01

Inuvik now enjoys road access . I must note, the quality of the produce is excellent.

Here is my grocery bill showing today’s haul: Carried home in a backpack and two bags.

Everything was fresh, unless speficied as frozen.

Fresh blueberries (312 grams): $6.29
Apples, Gala (two of them) $1.96
Apples, Red Delicious (two of them): $2.25
Apples, Grenny Smith (two of them): $2.70
Apricots (four of them): $3.57
Tomatoes (four nice ones, on a vine): $4.28
Tomatoes (smaller Roma tomatoes, small bag) $1.97

Broccolli: $3.99
Bell peppers (pack of three): $5.99
English cucumber: $3.29

Local meat:
Muskox (From Sachs Harbour,is $12.99 a kilogram for ground): $11.94
Muskox striploin: $6.38

Orange juice concentrate (one can of real stuff): $3.23
Orange juice concentrate (one can, fruit punch): $2.19
Cooked shrimp (medium bag of shrimp): $8.29
Fruit popsicles: (bag): $3.16
Frozen berries variety, 600g: $7.39

Rye crackers: (box at far right in picture) $3.99
Kraft salad dressing (2 bottles): $3.46 each
Sliced almonds: $2.28
Burrito kit (includes wraps, sauce, etc.) $7.04
Two-litre container of four bean salad: $13.98

Here is a link to a similar post from November.

Lobster Dinner at the Legion

These photos are from Mother’s Day. It’s been a few years now that the Francophone association order a special delivery of live lobsters from Eastern Canada.

The lobsters are cooked at the Royal Canadian Legion, and it’s become a fun annual tradition in Inuvik.

Winter cycling, continued: Saturday groceries

Front rack and bungee cords allow for the carrying of groceries. Frozen foods arrive still frozen, of course…

Grocery shopping: Stanton’s grocery store

Stanton’s is one of Inuvik’s three grocery stores. They carry produce, dry foods, cans and bread which they sell frozen.

It’s an excellent store which is geared a little more towards large orders. Most people bring their cars and stock up on boxes of food.

The ice crossings which intercut the Dempster Highway recently opened, which means we have more fresh food coming in.

Groceries in Inuvik: An average bill

People often ask me about the price of groceries and food in Inuvik.

Therefore: I present my grocery bill from last Saturday!

I’ve highlighted fresh foods in green, and two items I found expensive in red.

Variety pack of Oatmeal: (big box): $8.10
Box of cereal (double size) cranberry almond crunch: $10.64 on sale.
Bag of medium-size oranges (4lbs) $4.99
Bag of potatoes (small ones) 2lbs $4.99
Dry crackers, Ryvita brand. (small box) $3.75
Mixed frozen vegetables, 1 large bag. $6.06
Sobe juice drink, 591ml, $2.99
Grapefruit $1.31
Fish burgers (mahi-mahi) 1.36kg $26.73
Cucumber (one, English cucumber, good size) $4.99
Fresh vegetables for salad (mix bag of broccoli and cauliflower) $7.69
Six bagels $4.60
Three peppers (red, yellow, orange) $5.99
Loaf of 12-grain bread, $6.55
2 litre carton of milk, $7.95
Iceberg lettuce (one head) $2.49
Frozen juice can (concentrated pink lemonade) $2.16
Jar of dill pickles, 1.5 litres $8.91
Plum sauce, 500ml, $5.05
White chocolate chips for baking, 225 grams, $5.57 
Raisin pie, pre-made in box, $5.31
Frozen orange juice concentrate, one can: $4.37
Vegetarian egg rolls, pack of many (1.3 kilograms) $14.59
One can of coconut juice, 520ml, $2.55