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Rescue test at the airport (submitted photos)







These photos were sent my way by Mike Handley, Operations Safety and Emergency Planning Officer in the Airports Division of the territorial government’s Department of Transportation. I thought they were too cool not to post: They show emergency services holding a drill at Inuvik’s airport, complete with false rubble and volunteer patients.

The drill was intended to simulate response to an airplane crash.


Firefighters commemorate attacks on World Trade Center

Today being September 11th, the Inuvik Fire Department flew the American flag and had a small ceremony of commemoration of the 2001 World Trade Centre attacks in New York.

On display: Two cubes of steel, each cut from one of the Twin Towers.

Forest fires: A hot and dry summer part 1

Inuvik has had two forest fires this summer, less than 10km from town.

Here are scenes from the smaller of the two. Water bombers were active dropping water and the smoke was visible from the community.

Firefighters’ car wash

Inuvik’s firefighters often fundraise for good causes. One recent Saturday they were washing cars and selling BBQ outside the fire hall. They were nice enough to wash my bicycle.

Firefighter training: Learning to wear the protective gear

Inuvik’s firefighters have breathing units, which are used for entering smoky or very hot buildings. An air tank on the back provides a few minutes of air.

Firefighters must learn to don their kit in just over two minutes.

Firefighter training: Learning about chemistry and how flames work

Inuvik has a contingent of 40 volunteer firefighters and one paid chief. I recently attended one day of a three-weekend training session.

In this unit, the firefighters learned about heat and fire.

Another fire in Inuvik

Firefighters were called to this house on Saturday after it caught fire.

No one was injured, but the building suffered a lot of damage.

The dry climate here means that fires are a real danger, even in winter.