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Nice moment: Peter Clarkson helps elder Mary Kendi in drum dance

After the recent Queens’ Diamond Jubilee Medals in Aklavik, the drummers and dancers performed.

Inuvik’s Peter Clarkson (a former mayor and today working with the GNWT) helped elder Mary Kendi participate by wheeling her around among the dancers.

Kendi, 97, was moving her arms in a drum dance motion, and you could see she was delighted. It was a really nice moment.


Aklavik’s drummers and dancers: Passing along the traditions





Aklavik’s drummers and dancers practice in the community, and their presence means there is an event of significance happening.

It’s very nice to see the younger people (see for example the young girls here, bottom right) looking at older members and learning the moves.

Songs of the drummers follow irregular rhythms, such as…

BEAT-BEAT-BEAT-BEAT (pause) BEAT-BEAT (pause, pause) BEAT (pause) BEAT BEAT (pause) BEAT.


Visit to Aklavik, part 2: Elder Mary Kendi

Recently in Aklavik community members received Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals, which recognize longtime volunteers and role-models.

Among the recipients was elder Mary Kendi, 97, who is beloved in the community of Aklavik and throughout the north.

She was given flowers (flown in by plane of course) and applauded with the three other recipients: (from left) Barbara Archie, Nellie Cournoyea who is chair and CEO of the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and Jerry “Dean” McLeod.

Aurora College Graduation 2012: A big class

Inuvik’s campus of Aurora College offers different courses including office administration, Personal Support Worker, Nursing Access, Trades Access, and more.

Check out the full list here. 

This year’s graduation had a record 42 graduates.

Great Northern Arts Festival 2011: Spectacular features a gallery of the Great Northern Arts Festival. This year’s event was spectacular: More than 70 artists visited. 

See the full gallery by clicking here.

Happy Aboriginal Day 2011

Good news! I thought I had lost these photos of Aboriginal Day in late June.

The annual BBQ and games day is always a highlight of living in Inuvik.

By the way, this summer has been remarkably mosquito-free.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission, part 2

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s national event opened with the ceremonial lighting of a seal-oil lamp called a Qulliq.

These types of lamps have kept people alive in the arctic for thousands of years.