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Nice moment: Peter Clarkson helps elder Mary Kendi in drum dance

After the recent Queens’ Diamond Jubilee Medals in Aklavik, the drummers and dancers performed.

Inuvik’s Peter Clarkson (a former mayor and today working with the GNWT) helped elder Mary Kendi participate by wheeling her around among the dancers.

Kendi, 97, was moving her arms in a drum dance motion, and you could see she was delighted. It was a really nice moment.


Aklavik’s drummers and dancers: Passing along the traditions





Aklavik’s drummers and dancers practice in the community, and their presence means there is an event of significance happening.

It’s very nice to see the younger people (see for example the young girls here, bottom right) looking at older members and learning the moves.

Songs of the drummers follow irregular rhythms, such as…

BEAT-BEAT-BEAT-BEAT (pause) BEAT-BEAT (pause, pause) BEAT (pause) BEAT BEAT (pause) BEAT.


Great Northern Arts Festival 2011: Spectacular features a gallery of the Great Northern Arts Festival. This year’s event was spectacular: More than 70 artists visited. 

See the full gallery by clicking here.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Inuvik: Part 1

Canada’s travelling hearings on residential schools, the Truth and Reconciliation Comission, recently held a National Event in Inuvik. The week-long event featured testimony from former students of the residential school system.

Shown here are a few of the outdoor events and activities.

Congratulations to Aklavik Delta Drummers and Dancers

Aklavik’s Delta Drummers and Dancers were recently invited to perform in Toronto for the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada.

Here they are performing in Aklavik, closing the official Truth and Reconciliation hearing on residential schools.