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Dog with many companions (or tormentors!)

A lot of ravens were around this dog. My guess is that they’re pecking at his food dish the moment he turns around..


Inuvik’s vet and his dogs

Inuvik has a full-time vet, his name is Peter Krizan. Here are a few shots of his clinic, as well as his own dogs.

There are also visiting clinics which come to the community every few months, offering spaying and neutering.

End of September sunrise, 9am


Walking to work this morning: This time of year the sunrise is right around 9am. The days are getting shorter and everyone is expecting the first snow.

Fall colours 2012: The gold season

Fall is a wonderful time in Inuvik, and a major season for tourism up the Dempster Highway. The colours are a surprising intensity and vigor: Soon to be muted by white snow.

Hot dog in the summer heat

Inuvik reached 31 degrees celcius this week. This dog wasn’t used to the heat outside the greenhouse, he was breathing heavily. (He was fine.)

Dogs, like people, become used to the cold climate and therefore over-react to summer heat.

Inuvik welcomes the summer: Main street

Summertime has arrived suddenly, with temperatures at 15 degrees celcius today.

As a result we see: Someone taking a child for a motorbike ride; a happy dog dripping like a wet mop; A family walking around with even the baby wearing sunglasses.

Trip to Paulatuk, part 1: A little community by the ocean

Paulatuk has about 400 people and is located on the shore of the now-frozen Beaufort Sea.

Local activities include hunting for caribou and fish species like arctic char.

Notice this above photo: That’s a polar bear pelt left to dry!

Enjoy a few scenes of this little community: