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Darkness on the edge of town

Inuvik, at night, is a small illuminated patch surrounded by darkness.


Crews shoveling show, 8am

Here’s a shot of workers shoveling snow after the blizzard.

Strong winds continue today, with gusts about 50km/hour.

This shot also gives you an idea of the darkness in the morning just before 9am.

Worst blizzard in years: Scenes from Inuvik

Inuvik is one of many communities hit by a blizzard today.

Winds were gusting to more than 90 kilometres an hour. Many people who tried to drive were getting stuck on the roads, and both the schools and government offices shut down.

These photos were taken today around 6pm

Lights out: Second (short) electricity outage this week

Last night around 11:30, Inuvik’s electricity went out for about a half-hour. This is the second outage this week; the other one happened earlier this week and lasted about an hour.

Most of the power currently comes from turbines burning natural gas; however there is a diesel backup system. (It might be used more in the future, as Inuvik is looking for a new source of natural gas.)

The Inuvik Regional Hospital and other places have backup generators in case this happens.


Winter glow at lunch, dec 24

winter glow at lunch, dec 24

As a mirror to a summer post, here’s the glow around 12 noon on Dec. 24. Not exactly the equinox but certainly one of the shortest days of the year.

As you can see, there is no such thing as ”24-hour darkness” here, there is always a glow even if you don’t see the sun for a few weeks.

Here was the photo taken at midnight in July.

Driving at night on the Dempster Highway

The short sunlight hours — we’re almost the darkest time of the year now — mean a lot of driving with headlights on. This photo was taken around 4pm, but it was as dark as the late night.

Views from the morning commute: Getting dark!

Getting dark out here in the mornings….

Edit: These photos taken around 8:45am