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Inuvik, the next generation: New daycare centre being built

Inuvik’s getting a new daycare centre. It’s the result of tireless volunteers. The building is funded by an amazing amount of local fundraising (more than $1 million so far) as well as a significant investment from the town of Inuvik, ($2.2 million) territorial government funding of more thanĀ  ($1 million).

The daycare is seen as an important way to promote early childhood education. It will amalgamate the different smaller daycares currently in town.


Construction in town: New metal tower

Some kind of new structure is being built in town.

Is it a reception tower? I don’t know.

The new arctic architecture: Industrial grey space

The same architectural firm was hired by the NWT government to design Aurora College, The Aurora research institute and the new school. (Now called East 3 Elementary and Secondary)

The three buildings’ style is very distinct. They feature grey corrugated metal siding, exposed pipes and bolts and a lot of glass.

The three buildings are an example of a new, very distinct architectural style in Inuvik.

Construction begins on new daycare: Steel columns

Construction has begun on the Children First Society’s large new daycare. This facility is expected to cost about $5 million.

There is some fundraising left to do, but workers are already installing the steel columns which will support the building. This is accomplished by means of a large drill.

Permafrost means that Inuvik’s soil is always frozen. In summer it might get soft and loose, but you’re never more than four feet away from ice.

Construction work

Here’s a worker with a torch, on the high corner of a new building.