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Winter has truly arrived: 60km winds

Inuvik saw wind gusting to 60kilometres an hour on Monday. It was enough to send snow drifts on the streets and rattle street signs.


NHL Hockey players visit Inuvik, part 1: The airport


People outside Canada might not realize this but the National Hockey League (NHL) is currently “locked out” due to contract disputes between owners and players. What do players do with the downtime?

Why not come to the arctic and raise funds for charity — in this case, sports programs for aboriginal youth.

Nine players from the Ottawa Senators stopped by today and one very famous northerner: Jordin Tootoo who is originally from Nunavut and now plays for Detroit.

Night riders

Snowmobiles are a common way of transport. During the time of the year when there is snow (October to April) you can see people riding them on Inuvik streets.

You are allowed to ride a snowmobile on small streets, but not the major ones.

One problem however are quick-driving, daredevil young people who whip around corners, go into traffic, and rev their engines late at night.

Blue sunset

Sunsets are getting earlier…this photo was taken around 6pm on the bike ride home from work. Yes it is colder, but one type of beauty is replaced with another.

Dog with many companions (or tormentors!)

A lot of ravens were around this dog. My guess is that they’re pecking at his food dish the moment he turns around..

Tuktoyaktuk on a sunny afternoon: Part 1

Here’s a truck maintaining the ice road on the way to Tuktoyaktuk.

Darkness on the edge of town

Inuvik, at night, is a small illuminated patch surrounded by darkness.