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Wanda’s sewing: Mittens, mukluks and parka

Here’s Wanda McLeod the host of CBC’s Northwind. She’s holding mittens, mukluks and a hand-embroidered jacket she made at the Gwich’in-organized sewing classes in Inuvik.

Congratulations Wanda, and nice work!


Snowsuit on display in Tuktoyaktuk

This display case at Mangilaluk school shows what a child would have worn in the traditional Inuviauit tradition.

Surely this coat would be more than warm enough for the arctic winters. Notice the fishing spear to the left.

Great Northern Arts Festival 2011: Spectacular features a gallery of the Great Northern Arts Festival. This year’s event was spectacular: More than 70 artists visited. 

See the full gallery by clicking here.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission, part 2

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s national event opened with the ceremonial lighting of a seal-oil lamp called a Qulliq.

These types of lamps have kept people alive in the arctic for thousands of years.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Inuvik: Part 1

Canada’s travelling hearings on residential schools, the Truth and Reconciliation Comission, recently held a National Event in Inuvik. The week-long event featured testimony from former students of the residential school system.

Shown here are a few of the outdoor events and activities.

Congratulations to Aklavik Delta Drummers and Dancers

Aklavik’s Delta Drummers and Dancers were recently invited to perform in Toronto for the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada.

Here they are performing in Aklavik, closing the official Truth and Reconciliation hearing on residential schools.

Happy Gwich’in Day 2011: Smoked fish and caribou stew for everyone

Today, April 21st was Gwich’in Day. 

There was a barbecue lunch in Inuvik in front of the Chief Jim Koe building, with ingredients provided by local people. This means caribou stew, reindeer soup, smoked arctic char, dry whitefish and more. 

The final photo is a fruitcake loaf with berries, which are picked in the hills around the region here.

Happy Gwich’in Day everybody, and hello to any Gwich’in readers out there!