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Inuvik’s new youth centre

Here’s the new director of Inuvik’s Youth Centre, Sam Stokell, in the new centre. It’s starting to open on Friday evenings for kareoke, games, cooking lessons, etc.

The place looks great with the bright yellow paint, computers, music studio, etc!

The youth centre used to be in another building, but has since reopened in a new location.


Farewell to the old schools, part 2

A few scenes from the closing ceremonies of Samuel Hearne and Sir Alexander Mackenzie School, which are making room for the new school next year.

Farewell to Sir Alexander Mackenzie school (part 1: Historic photos)

Sir Alexander Mackenzie School is being replaced by a new school. This year the community of Inuvik had a going-away ceremony for the old school.

Volunteers put together a retrospective look at different yearbooks. It’s a very interesting look back at Canada’s western arctic in a different era.

Ray Ruben (centre) is today the mayor of Paulatuk.

That’s former Canadian prime minister Jean Chretien!

And another former PM, the late Pierre Trudeau. (right)

Early 1960s fashions

The Olympic Torch passes through Inuvik in 1988.

A student with animal pelts and students at a hunting camp

The devil logo worn by many student athletes.


Very different fashions, haircuts and glasses in the late 1950s

The beginnings of the school in 1959.

Here’s a personal observation about photography. Almost every photograph, with enough time, becomes great. Things that are unremarkable in a photograph become interesting with time.

In 1956, this photo is simply a nice portrait of an amused (playful? mischievous?) teacher at a desk. Now it’s a time capsule of fashion, hair, office supplies, handwriting, desks in the 1950s — you name it.

A great initiative from volunteers!

Aurora College Graduation 2012: A big class

Inuvik’s campus of Aurora College offers different courses including office administration, Personal Support Worker, Nursing Access, Trades Access, and more.

Check out the full list here. 

This year’s graduation had a record 42 graduates.

Inuvik welcomes the summer: Main street

Summertime has arrived suddenly, with temperatures at 15 degrees celcius today.

As a result we see: Someone taking a child for a motorbike ride; a happy dog dripping like a wet mop; A family walking around with even the baby wearing sunglasses.

Players from the BC Lions visit Inuvik, bring along Grey Cup

Canada’s football league is the CFL and the top team are the BC Lions. Three players visited the high school this week. They spoke about the many challenges which they had to overcome on their way to achieving their dream of playing pro football: Obstacles like not having fathers at home, being raised in poverty, even serving time in a young offenders’ facility.

It was an inspiring event and everyone had a great time.

Arctic Sports: Preparing for the Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse

The Arctic Winter Games are coming up and they include arctic sports. Games like the one-foot high kick, two-foot high kick, Alaskan high-kick, the airplane, etc.

These photos were taken at the recent tryouts held in Inuvik at Sie Alexandre Mackenzie School.