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Operation Nanook: A look at the Canadian Forces outside Inuvik

Internet cables snake between tents

The medical tent

Food supplies

Flexible plastic pouches hold drinking water. Easier to roll and ship than tanks.

The Canadian Forces are training outside of Inuvik this summer. By August, 600 people could be involved. The event is called Operation Nanook and the main part is setting up a camp outside Inuvik.

Local businesses have been appreciating the presence of military staff, as they come into the town to buy coffee and snacks.

Operation Nanook will tie into some kind of emergency simulation later this year.


Airshow in Inuvik: Royal Canadian Air Force visits

The Canadian Forces are a big presence in Inuvik this summer. A training and mobilization operation called Nanook could bring 600 people near the community by August.

About 100 military vehicles are expected to drive up the Dempster Highway. The military also announced its presence on July 17 with an air show.

It featured a Sea King helicopter, A Cf-18 Hornet jet and the Snowbirds, Canada’s famous precision-flying team.

Military plane above Inuvik

Canada’s armed forces often has search-and-rescues and different operations above Inuvik.

This model was seen above the community recently.