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Fishing trip: walking along a river

A bear’s paw print.

The NWT offers spectacular locations for fishing. Sometimes you have to walk and even swim to reach the best locations.


Small grey bird at the campgrounds: The toast thief

At the campground a small grey bird approaches, beguiled by some bread.

I think it’s a grey jay.

From Ottawa to Inuvik in a canoe: It is possible!

Seven thousand kilometres, five-and-a-half months of paddling and they arrived!

NWT fashion: Get yourself a bug jacket

I don’t usually review products on this site, but I will vouch for this bug jacket from Mountain Equipment Co-Op.

The “bee keeper mask” can open with a zip for eating, but otherwise it provides welcome relief from the swarms of mosquitoes.

When dozens of mosquitoes are tapping against the side of the hood trying to get inside, it sounds like rain.