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Campfire at minus 20c

winterfire_DSC0294 winterfire_DSC0299 winterfire_DSC0308

Sometimes you need to get out of the house. A campfire in winter is a good idea. The dry conditions make wood burn easily.

Inuvik has campfire pits by the river, where it is legal to hold a small fire like this.


Sunrise Festival 2012: Fireworks at 30 below in Inuvik

Every year the community hosts a short celebration to mark the return of the sun. Tonight temperatures were around -30 c.

People held a large fire near the golf course and watch fireworks while sipping hot chocolate. This year was a big show with fireworks sending loud cracks echoing across the golf course.

Some people drove to Inuvik from Tuktoyaktuk for the occasion by means of the ice road.

NWT fashion: Get yourself a bug jacket

I don’t usually review products on this site, but I will vouch for this bug jacket from Mountain Equipment Co-Op.

The “bee keeper mask” can open with a zip for eating, but otherwise it provides welcome relief from the swarms of mosquitoes.

When dozens of mosquitoes are tapping against the side of the hood trying to get inside, it sounds like rain.