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Inuvik welcomes the summer: Open water

It’s 15 degrees above freezing today, which means the East channel of the Mackenzie River is starting to open.

Every year the ice on the river moves suddenly. It melts and loosens for a while before a chain reaction begins to push ice down the river.

People in Inuvik have betting pools. When will the ice clear from the river completely?

Today is appears that the ice is not moving. However, it won’t be long.


From Ottawa to Inuvik in a canoe: It is possible!

Seven thousand kilometres, five-and-a-half months of paddling and they arrived!

Building a traditional Qayaq: Light and flexible

Here are a few favourite pictures from this year’s Great Northern Arts Festival: Kevin Floyd of the Inuvik Qaqaq club is shown building a traditional boat frame, made from green wood.

Usually such a boat would be covered with watertight seal-skin, but this year they were covered with a polymer. The boats are light and you can lift them with one hand.

Also shown is the inspiration for the boat: An archive photo from 1903.

Check it out! Inuvik Quayak club

Great link from Kevin Floyd. People are learning the art and science of building traditional-style Quayaks in Inuvik.

Look at those lines! What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

The Mackenzie River, melting…

It won’t be long now until the river clears out. Bring on the summer!