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Worst blizzard in years: Scenes from Inuvik

Inuvik is one of many communities hit by a blizzard today.

Winds were gusting to more than 90 kilometres an hour. Many people who tried to drive were getting stuck on the roads, and both the schools and government offices shut down.

These photos were taken today around 6pm


Heavy snow this season

Two more from last weekend’s blizzard.

What’s common for Quebec or Ontario is very unusual for the NWT.

Worst blizzard in years cuts off phones, internet for almost 4 days

What a rough weekend!

Inuvik was hit by a very strong blizzard. Temperatures dipped to -40 celcius and the winds were gusting at 70 kilometres an hour.

The blizzard also knocked out the internet, cell-phone service, bank machines, Interac card service and any calls other than local calls for three-and-a-half days.

It has been called the most serious blizzard in years. Quite amazing to see the power of nature.

Huge blizzard over the weekend, check out the video..