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Bicycle tourism in Inuvik: The long way up!

A few travelers a year come up the Dempster Highway.

I met this fellow in town this week. He had cycled more than 3000km from Victoria, BC.

He had been camping and cycling for more than a month!

One company called Cycle Canada Bicycle Tours offers a similar journey as a guided tour, have a look.


Spring runoff: Bring your rubber boots!

May weather is starting to bring temperatures above freezing.

This means a lot of melting. Since Invuik has no underground sewers, it means a few days of watery runoff. Houses are on pilings and it doesn’t cause any damage.

It does create puddles around town. Rubber boots are equipped so it’s not a problem.

Winter cycling, continued: Saturday groceries

Front rack and bungee cords allow for the carrying of groceries. Frozen foods arrive still frozen, of course…

Winter cycling, part one: The setup

I love using a bicycle to get around Inuvik. It’s cheap and easy since everything is at most ten minutes away.

The question of course, is what happens in winter?

This winter — meaning, from now until May —-  I have a challenge to keep using my bicycle. I picked this “cruiser” style bike at a garage sale earlier this year. It’s very heavy but it seems sturdy.

I think having only one gear will be helpful since it won’t jam with ice.  No pad brakes to jam up either….just pedal backwards to stop.

I store the bicycle indoors at work and at home, so it’s never locked outside for more an an hour maximum. (Let’s say if I am shopping at North Mart.)

So far, the results have been great! Inuvik has a very dry cold and I am very impressed by the grip of my winter tires.

Here is the setup I’ll be using this winter:

1. Big luggage rack in the front (for carrying briefcase, bags, boxes, etc.)
2. Basket in the back with blue, waterproof bag (contains: chain for locking, pump, spare tubes, wrenches, etc. All the tools to fix a flat.)
3. Winter tires! Got two “ice spikers” from Mountain Equipment Co-Op which have metal cleats. They’re expensive but work better than I imagined.

I’ll be posting updates and photos now and then.

…and of course, I am proud to wear a helmet!

Lords of I-Town…

Here’s a picture of a kid at the Inuvik skatepark, which I took last week. The white ramp was installed two days ago, and it’s very popular.

Dez Loreen, the writer for the Inuvik Drum, recently borrowed my fish-eye lens to take photos of the skaters. They ran under the headline “Lords of I-Town.”

(Though with all the strays here, they might as well call it “Lords of Dogtown.”)