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Gazebo outside Aurora College

Nice woodwork here near the community greenhouse and Aurora College.


Fort McPherson tents outside Aurora College

These canvas tents are installed outside Aurora College. I’m not sure what it’s about…

This style of tent is often used by hunters and trappers staying extended amounts of time on the land. You can see there is a hole in the side for a woodstove.

They are made in Fort McPherson at their famous tent and canvas shop.

Aurora College Graduation 2012: A big class

Inuvik’s campus of Aurora College offers different courses including office administration, Personal Support Worker, Nursing Access, Trades Access, and more.

Check out the full list here. 

This year’s graduation had a record 42 graduates.

Weather monitors at Aurora College

Aurora College has an Environment and NAtural Resources Technology Program.

Here, students learn how to check data on weather-monitoring stations. These can be scattered around the arctic, to get information about rainfall, temperature, wind speed, etc. Information is obtained through a USB slot.

The data helps climatologists and other sicentists learn about the north.

CBC radio item: Digital translators being used in schools

Schools in the western arctic are using these devices called Phraselators. They’re portable translators which allow the recording and playback of language.

The CBC show Spark has put a link to my item about phraselators. Click below and then scroll down to hear it.