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Inuvik’s new super-school: Opening day

Inuvik’s new school is open. The building cost $110 million and is a major project for the NWT. It represents the bright hope of a future with higher attendance, better grades and more graduates.

The building itself is modern architecture showpiece. It features glass walls and angles designed to let in sunlight during the winter.


Signs from the Inuvialuktun class

A small group of people take Inuvialuit-language courses at the recreation centre every week.

Here are some signs, with colourful reminders of words and phrases.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Inuvik: Part 1

Canada’s travelling hearings on residential schools, the Truth and Reconciliation Comission, recently held a National Event in Inuvik. The week-long event featured testimony from former students of the residential school system.

Shown here are a few of the outdoor events and activities.

CBC radio item: Digital translators being used in schools

Schools in the western arctic are using these devices called Phraselators. They’re portable translators which allow the recording and playback of language.

The CBC show Spark has put a link to my item about phraselators. Click below and then scroll down to hear it.