Campfire at minus 20c

winterfire_DSC0294 winterfire_DSC0299 winterfire_DSC0308

Sometimes you need to get out of the house. A campfire in winter is a good idea. The dry conditions make wood burn easily.

Inuvik has campfire pits by the river, where it is legal to hold a small fire like this.


5 responses to “Campfire at minus 20c

  1. A fire is a good thing
    At the end of the year
    You can throw in your bad memories
    Vaporise them skyward
    Take comfort in light and heat
    Recharge your energy
    And walk away
    Ash is pure

    Thanks for the good memories
    Those we keep!

  2. Looks like you have a few brave souls who didn’t let a bit of cold preventing them from enjoying a nice campfire. Here in California, we would have wimp out if we have to put on a jacket, much less minus 20C. What time of the day was the picture taken? I know I should not assume the picture was taken in the middle of the night at this time of the year. When is the shortest day in Inuvik?

  3. I want to come to this beautiful friendly town.

  4. Just added your blog to my blogroll. Love the pictures.
    Hope you will post new articles, love to see more about Northen living and pictures.

  5. Salut Phill,
    whats happend in Inuvik? Thers no news on your blog until December 2012. I hope that yuo are O.K. I m waiting impatiently the news photos. I wich you good luck. Peter from Paris