Watchful raven


I really wonder about the daily life of ravens. How do they survive in the -30 temperatures? How do their stomachs process frozen food, and their feet withstand perching on ice?

Amazing birds.


5 responses to “Watchful raven

  1. Love you post and life in Inuvik. Please tell us how it is to live in this frigid but beautiful part of our world. Merry Christmas

  2. great shot…..

  3. I lived 11 years in Anchorage , Alaska. On winter trips to Fairbanks, Alaska I often saw ravens in the woods miles from any house or business. How
    can they live ? Frank Martin (now in Austin, Texas.

  4. Raven is the dark-faced hero of evolution
    The brightest of birds
    He can adapt in spade
    In heat or cold
    Eat everything
    Including his friends
    Know everything
    Indeed our deep-nested secrets
    See all
    From every possible angle
    Night and day and night again
    Know everybody
    Big and small
    Who’s anybody out there
    And know how to use facts
    To advantage
    Raven is the model Politician
    Master of the Art of the Possible
    Survivor Maximus
    Here to stay
    Our future

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