Blue sunset

Sunsets are getting earlier…this photo was taken around 6pm on the bike ride home from work. Yes it is colder, but one type of beauty is replaced with another.


2 responses to “Blue sunset

  1. the picture is haunting, austere, yet with a sense of longing,..
    in its state still pleasurable as you would say” one type of beauty replaces another”
    Longing to cling to the hairy chunks of light between the coniferous of trees…,
    And now there are alleys of light, as well where the former green leads to a winter funeral,
    The rocks and boulders below perhaps that jut out down to the false floor of leaves or needles .
    ..the Grey white trunk like legs of lower headed white tops of forests so close to the ground……
    perhaps under the divisions of stone and the fissures of branches lurk the abashed resentments of time not lived……
    a reminder that short lived is spring in the life of the world. ……one must enjoy the brave spectacle while it lasts….

  2. You are an optimist. You find beauty in most things. Love your blog and find the comments interesting. You do not leave us untouched. Thank you!

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