Beautiful snowy day around the lake.

Aaaah I love this time of year. Bring a thermos with a hot beverage and go walking.


6 responses to “Beautiful snowy day around the lake.

  1. great snow shots… some of your best…
    .. very spiritual
    . well done..
    . but the “ad on” “ad”thing, cheapens your site, is trite, demeaning boring stupid and totally geek oriented. Also totally senseless, meant for the brain dead who dont have a life. and never will….. I CANT imagine why you would compromise your integrity with such stupidity.

  2. Wow! So much snow already. Can’t believe it’s been already 4 months since my short visit in late June this summer. Is the river frozen enough to be driven on yet?

  3. @Andy… sorry andy. i didnt know it was an ad on…..I thought it was part the site..just an extension .Mr Morins creativity. ….hopefully they will [ the ads] disolve into”yellow snow”

  4. Great pictures! Can you tell me what makes those bumps in the ice in the second picture down?

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