First snow of the year: October 9

Winter has arrived with a bit of snow. Inuvik usually gets the first snow of the year in early October. This year the weather had been very mild in the fall and the snow fell a few days later than average.


6 responses to “First snow of the year: October 9

  1. a “few days later????hmmmmm. wierd here to.. i ALREADY have TULIPS coming up…., hopefully just in time for christmas!!!!!!!!! Darn global warming!!!!

  2. I’m trying to figure out from where these pictures are taken. I lived in Inuvik 20 years ago and I’d like to recognise the areas…

  3. Only 10 days after the snow in Winnipeg!!

  4. That’s later than average? I guess it is expected for a town north of the Arctic Circle. I am trying to recall when it usually starts snowing in Edmonton…when I was in U of A. Maybe late October?

  5. im doing a project in 7th grade social studies in michigan it was 65 today and sunny 🙂

  6. i also am doing it on north west territory

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