Inuvik’s new super-school: Opening day

Inuvik’s new school is open. The building cost $110 million and is a major project for the NWT. It represents the bright hope of a future with higher attendance, better grades and more graduates.

The building itself is modern architecture showpiece. It features glass walls and angles designed to let in sunlight during the winter.


11 responses to “Inuvik’s new super-school: Opening day

  1. keep the pics coming


  2. looks great… glad to know my niece and nephew will be enjoying it!

  3. My kids love the new super school, my son’s first year..

  4. Wow! Can I attend? They don’t teach us Inuktitut down here in Montreal… Beautiful school, I think the kids will love it.

  5. very impressive, looks better than what I’ve seen so far

  6. what a beautiful school, where are the swings, would be nice to see lunch program with busing for the cold months

  7. Looks very beautiful, but why such dull colors on the outside.

  8. what a beautiful school. I would love to teach there. Blanche

  9. Howard J Chorney

    i would have enjoyed doing the electrical in the new school

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