Monthly Archives: September 2012

Inuvik’s vet and his dogs

Inuvik has a full-time vet, his name is Peter Krizan. Here are a few shots of his clinic, as well as his own dogs.

There are also visiting clinics which come to the community every few months, offering spaying and neutering.


End of September sunrise, 9am


Walking to work this morning: This time of year the sunrise is right around 9am. The days are getting shorter and everyone is expecting the first snow.

Fall colours 2012: The gold season

Fall is a wonderful time in Inuvik, and a major season for tourism up the Dempster Highway. The colours are a surprising intensity and vigor: Soon to be muted by white snow.

Squirrel fattening up for the winter

Spotted on the boot lake trails. The weather is starting to get cold (around 3 degrees these days) and so animals are busy getting ready for hibernation.

This squirrel was busy gathering and eating bits off pine trees.

Firefighters commemorate attacks on World Trade Center

Today being September 11th, the Inuvik Fire Department flew the American flag and had a small ceremony of commemoration of the 2001 World Trade Centre attacks in New York.

On display: Two cubes of steel, each cut from one of the Twin Towers.

Inuvik’s new super-school: Opening day

Inuvik’s new school is open. The building cost $110 million and is a major project for the NWT. It represents the bright hope of a future with higher attendance, better grades and more graduates.

The building itself is modern architecture showpiece. It features glass walls and angles designed to let in sunlight during the winter.