Monthly Archives: July 2012

Airshow in Inuvik: Royal Canadian Air Force visits

The Canadian Forces are a big presence in Inuvik this summer. A training and mobilization operation called Nanook could bring 600 people near the community by August.

About 100 military vehicles are expected to drive up the Dempster Highway. The military also announced its presence on July 17 with an air show.

It featured a Sea King helicopter, A Cf-18 Hornet jet and the Snowbirds, Canada’s famous precision-flying team.


Midnight Sun Fun Run 2012: Farrell Pope’s inspiring 5k run

During the 5k run (happening under the midnight sun, around 11pm) one runner displayed amazing dedication. Farrell Pope, high school student in Inuvik, completed the run despite a broken leg.

It was the highlight of the year. Pure, positive-thinking sportsmanship.

Midnight Sun Fun Run 2012, part 1

The Midnight Sun Run happened a few weeks ago at the end of June.

Runners can complete a 5k, 10k and 21k (half-marathon) starting at 10pm. The run happens at the peak of 24-hour sunlight.

Inuvik’s new youth centre

Here’s the new director of Inuvik’s Youth Centre, Sam Stokell, in the new centre. It’s starting to open on Friday evenings for kareoke, games, cooking lessons, etc.

The place looks great with the bright yellow paint, computers, music studio, etc!

The youth centre used to be in another building, but has since reopened in a new location.

Bicycle tourism in Inuvik: The long way up!

A few travelers a year come up the Dempster Highway.

I met this fellow in town this week. He had cycled more than 3000km from Victoria, BC.

He had been camping and cycling for more than a month!

One company called Cycle Canada Bicycle Tours offers a similar journey as a guided tour, have a look.

Forest Fires, part 2: The view from above

Earlier this summer a forest fire was burning north-east of Inuvik. The fire consumed more than 4000 hectares and burned more than a week.

Waterbombers were the first line of attack. Firefighters from around the NWT then painstakingly drowned the fire at the ground level. No buildings were destroyed.

Lightning storm tonight over Invuik

There is very loud thunder tonight in Inuvik, as well as lightning of surprising intensity.

Last week about 70 homes were without power for a few hours, after lightning fried 7 transformers and some fuses in town.

This was the view from my window around 1:40am (tip: these were the best among 300 photos…pressed the button repeatedly on “burst mode.”)